Another Post, this time with gnome-blog

Since Drivel does not have a gnome panel thingy, I hacked on gnome-blog today (while sitting at the entropia club meeting).

At first I had to make sure that Umlauts (Äs and Ös) work correctly. I found out that it is actually serendipity's fault that they don't come out right. Adding two "decode_utf8" in serendipity's XML-RPC file fixed that.

Then I added categoriy support into gnome-blog, i.e. gnome-blog gets the list of categories from the server as soon as it is started and provides a combo box list. And, as you can see, it actually sets the category.

The code is "ugly", meaining that it is probalby unsuitable for any other setups (other blog software etc.). I might fix that, but if you are in hurry, I can send you my current changes or a debian package with them right now.


*[X] SEND PATCH!!!1eleven*
#1 neingeist (Homepage) am 2005-06-13T08:15:15+00:00
Could you please be so kind and send me the patch over via Email? Thx in advance.
#2 Stefan Held (Homepage) am 2006-08-25T17:48:55+00:00

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