Pain of Boarding

zur Melodie von "Sound of Silence" von Simon & Garfunkel

Hello muscle my old friend,
I’ve come to notice you again,
because a day of thorough snowboarding
left its traces in the evening.
And the bruises that were grated in my side
do not hide what is the pain of boarding.

On stoneless slopes I slid along,
narrow slits of granite stone,
’neath the perfect sky I ride,
I turned my snowboard to the cold and white.
And then the wax was ripped by an edge of a hidden stone
that split the snow and gave me the pain of boarding.

And on the lift station I saw
ten thousand people maybe more.
People waiting to be lifted up
People hoping to come savely down
People falling hard and shouting out
and no one dare to stop the pain of boarding.

Fools! said I, you do not see,
boarding like addiction feels,
Hear my words, that I might teach you,
take your boards and I will show you.
But my words like silent snowflakes fell
and echoed in their pain of boarding.

So the people fell and slid
in the steep slope they rid
and the flesh shouted out its warning,
from the wounds it was forming
The body said the wounds of the winter
are present in the summer rays
and autumm days until returns
the pain of boarding.
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