Wrote it in Haskell

Zur Melodie von "Cats in the Cradle"

Our new semester, it has just begun,
And it did seem to me  like it would bring some fun.
Then we met Calmet  and the way he spoke
That's not German 'cause his German is broke
Seems to me that if I want to get along
I get used to his tongue.  I learn to hear his tongue.

So I wrote it in Haskell in the dark pool room
It is night and I type and I toil here since noon.
I got no variables and it freaks me out
But I can do without
Somehow I can do without.

Once I did that job,  had to code that thing,
And they left me the choice  what I would code it in.
My buffers overflow'd  when I was using C
Slowest language there is: That's PHP
Java's bloated VM always got me stuck
I'm too dumb for brainfuck, I wish I'd use brainfuck

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