Got kicked from planet.debian.org

I just got this e-Mail:

Your latest entry about how you have fixed your blog keeps showing up as
new. Something is badly broken. I've disabled you. Please check with me
before reenabling and please be able to explain why you think the
problem is not going to reoccur.


So, no more of my posts on planet.debian.org. Unfortunately, I have no idea what might be wrong on my side - I use standard blog software, and it works fine on e.g. planet.entropia.de. I have to assume that the planet software is broken in some minor way, but I can't track down the bug. If someone wants to find out more, planet.d.o is running on gluck.debian.org, every DD has access there, non-DDs can ask me for a copy.

And if someone whose blog is still on the planet reads this, I'd be delighted if they might bring this request for help to the planet, as I can't do that myself any more.

Oh, by the way, the RSS feed is valid according to the FeedValidator.


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