First Prelimary XaraLX debian package

Back in my Windows-times, I was a fan of the vector drawing program "XaraX". Recently, the company behind XaraX announced that they will create a free XaraX port for linux, called XaraLX and licensed under the GPL. I filed an ITP and got on the yet private developer area, as the source code was not yet made public. For that reason, I can't provide source packages yet, but a binary package for debian unstable is available. Please report non-packaging bugs to the xaralx mailing list. You can expect XaraLX in debian as soon as the source is properly released under the GPL.

I should note that XaraLX is still quite alpha, and drawing isn't much fun yet. But there are some examples in /usr/share/doc/xaralx/examples, make sure you check out the Jose Viper.


For announcements of new binaries, see the ITP:
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