Software Freedom Day 2006 in Accra

Yesterday was the international Software Freedom Day, and the Linux Accra User Group, which I just found out about last week, held a small expo in the "India-Ghana Kofi Annan Center for Excellence in Information and Communications Technology". On the program was a keynote speech by the group members, introducing the concept of Free Software, an exhibition of Linux installations and some programs as well as the showing of the first Open Source movie, blender-made movie "Elephants Dream" and its making-of.

What I did not expect at such a meeting would be such a Linux guru: Swedish guy, who was an Amiga fan but had to start using PCs in November 1991(!) and looked for an operating systen, heard of Linux and used it since then. For all those newbies as myself: That was when "Linux From Scratch" did not exist, but you had to do it that way anyways, since there were no distributions. He has been living in Ghana vor 10 years now, bound by a family, the warm weather and by a job where he get's paid to do OpenSource development. Envy, anyone? Read more about him on his recently opened blog.

Someone already uploaded his pictures of the event, my pictures will be uploaded in a short while.

In other news: At the College in Tema, where I am working at the moment, we agreed on installing Linux on the library computers to let the students have a shot at it, if they want, and after that the enrollment in the regular labs will be discussed. I shall also give an introction lesson to the IT teachers so that they can help a student during class, should he try to use Linux.


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