Don't let DWN die

Joey Hess wonders if the Debian Weekly News are still a useful thing, and whether the planet has not taken it's place. In my opinion, that is not the case. I always looked forwared to Wednesday evening when the new DWN would come out. I enjoyed the nice overview of what's going on in the different corners of Debian and eagerly read the recently added or orphaned package lists. DWN was a nice news digest, just the right size, and seemed to me more balanced and a tad more objective than just the random blog entry.

Unfortunately, the DWN are most useful for those who are currently not aware of all the things going on, who are not on all the high-traffic mailing lists (or don't read them), and these are of couse not the people who can run the DWN (I count me to that group). And those who are suitable to write the weekly letter are not those who need it...

I still hope that someone and maybe some more can pick up the task and keep this institution running. <sarcasm>Maybe dunc-tank can sponsor them...</sarcasm>


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