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I don’t have a TV here in Ghana (and I don’t miss it at all), but some audio-visual content consumption from time to time is nice. Therefore, I started to subscribe to various Videocasts, using the comfortable Democracy Player. Here are my “regulars”, also see my list of German podcasts.


Some like lego. Some like stop motion animation. I like both. Therefore, I am a big fan of lego movies, and the brickfilms bodcast delivers the best ones directly to me. Unfortunately, does not get posted to very often.

Olde English

My sense of humer is not every one else’s. Therefore, I guess not everyone will enjoy the sketches of the Olde English comedy group. I could try to list some of my favorites episodes, like “One picture every day”, but discover that for yourself.


Interesting, highly technical hour-long videocast covering interesting topics such as how the telefone system works (and what funny things you can do with it), bulding a infra-red remote control gun that will control your (or anyone’s) TV from quite a distance and similar topics. It could cover a bit more software topics, and less Windows based things and personally, I think the “Bastard Sons of Dial-Up” put slightly too much emphasize on “bad” language and underground-activists-like appearance. But that might be genuine, and the content is of good quality, so it is worth watching.

The Tech Junkies

Only three episodes so far, but these two guy are doing great and funny things with electronics (such as testing what happens when you plug a speaker into the power outlet). They also have covered lock picking, and I especially enjoyed seeing a bump key in action, as so far I only read about that technique.

Player 1 vs. Player 2

A two-guy talk show about computer games. Slightly oriented towards old and console games, but still interesting for most gamers, I’d say. They have not released a new episode for almost a year now, I hope that they will start sending again some day.


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Hier in Ghana habe ich keinen Fernseher (und selbst wenn ich einen hätte – vom Fernsehn halte ich schon lange nichts mehr). Daher bin ich, was die Versorgung mit audiovisuellem Material angeht, auf Podcasts umgestiegen, also auf mehr oder weniger reg
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