A Developer’s GUI for Infon

One of my projects here at the KACE in Accra, Ghana, is to make the live programming game “Infon” a useful tool to teach programming. Until now, programmers had to upload their code to the server over a telnet or netcat connection. To lower the initial threshold for new users, I wrote an editor for infon bugs, using python and gtk. The features are:

  • lua syntax highlighting
  • easy connecting and program uploading
  • telnet session view, to see what’s going on “under the hood”
  • special bonus: A little bug on the margin indicates what line of code is run by the server at the moment.

You can find a screenshot on the webpage for infon-devel.

I also created Debian packages for the infon server, the infon viewer and my GUI, which you can find on my people.d.o page. The server and viewer packages are currently waiting for inclusion in Debian’s experimental branch in the NEW queue and infon-devel will follow that path after some positive feedback (or lack of negative, we’ll see).

Further plans include a comprehensive documentation of the bug’s API and maybe some hints for teachers how to use the program in classes. Comments with regard to the GUI, the debian packaging or the game in general are highly appreciated. You are also invited so swing by #infon on freenode.


Have something to say? You can post a comment by sending an e-Mail to me at <mail@joachim-breitner.de>, and I will include it here.