No more Obroni Computer Club

Yesterday I was planning and prepared to hold the last session of the “Obroni Computer Club” that I ran at the SOS Hermann Gmeiner College. Very disappointingly, nobody showed up. Well, not entirely true: The computer lab was crammed full, as ususal around that time, but nobody was there for the club.

It might have been because there were no club sessions the last two weeks because of exams, and the students forgot that I told them that there will be another session after that in a mail  back then. It might have been because the IG2 class (10th grade), which presumedly make up the largest part of the club, had a meeting at that time. Or it might just be that I did not mange to awaken the student’s interest and nobody cared.

I have put all material for the club, together with various other documents from my SOSHGIC time, on the “Ghana contents” section of my now (mostly) bi-lingual and very slightly redesigned homepage.


A sad way for things to end, but don't feel too bad about it: we can have great ideas and lots of energy, but our plans can fail because it's just not the right time or place.

I'm sure you'll have more success in the future. And you may well have planted some seeds that will sprout in time.
#1 Marc Grégoire am 2006-12-07T01:03:51+00:00

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