It’s over, since yesterday I am back in what Bush calls the old Europe, and I feel like I never really left. But in fact, I did, and was in working as a volunteer at the SOS Hermann Gmeiner International College in Tema, Ghana. Things did not really work out there, so I wrote a work report for the principal, describing what exactly has happened (or not happened) from the first contact until the end of my work there and analyzing what went wrong. This text might also be interesting for anyone who plans on doing similar volunteer work.

During my time there I have set up a Linux setup that is, in my opinion, quite neat: Integration into Active Directory, automatic installation, Nagios network monitoring, caching and filtering web proxy et cetera. For my possible successor, but also for anyone who is creating a similar setup, I documented the steps to create such a setup in the techical documentation. Both reports can be found in the content section of my website.


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