Visualizer for Anagrams

For my uncle’s wedding my brothers and I did a show where we took his name and used its letters to create a bunch of new words that are part of a speech about him. This was visualized on a projector by a program by me that let’s the letter swirl around, forming each built word, as well as some „special effects“ (such as rotating one letter around to show another).

The program is written in Haskell, using gtk2hs and Cairo. You can find the sources in my darcs repository (Browse via DarcsWeb). To build it on a debian machine, this should work:

apt-get install darcs gtk2hs libghc6-cairo-dev libghc6-gtk-dev libghc6-mtl-dev happy
darcs get http://darcs.nomeata.de/anapres
./anapres examples/RolandHochzeit.anapres

I can also provide pre-compiled binaries, if you want.

There is a very simple text file format that describes the sequence of words and special effects, but so far it is only tested with the one example file (the one from the wedding).

If you want to try this and have any kind of trouble, do not hesitate to contact me. I’m also interested in bug reports and patches, of course.


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