Haskell Hackathon: Hackage vs. Debian

This weekend, I’m attending the Haskell Hackathon in Freiburg. Regular readers of my blog will have noticed an increasing interest in Haskell, so having this event so close was a nice chance to get more involved in the Haskell community. My blog also got added to Planet Haskell now.

So far, I have hacked up a simple haskell program called „Haskell Package Version Tracker“. It takes the 00-index.tar.gz file of hackage (which is for Haskell what CPAN is for Perl) and a Debian Source file (which is the list of available packages in Debian) and outputs a comparision in the spirit of the Debian Perl Group’s or utnubu’s version comparison pages. You can see the last output, but I do not yet update that page regulary. The code is available in a Darcs repository. It uses the Index.hs-File from hackports − thaks for that.


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