Linux Journal on the Neo FreeRunner

A fellow lodger of my student dormatory just popped in and gave me the December issue of Linux Journal as a gift from his trip to the US  (thanks for that!). When I skimmed the front page, I immediatelly noticed the line “Reviewed: OpenMoko’s Neo FreeRunner.” The four page article by Cory Wright contains some general notes on the FreeRunner, a list of things he doesn’t like and – to my surprise – installation instructions for Debian on the FreeRunner! It’s nice to see one’s work used in such public places. I especially liked the line “I must say, the Debian installers sure have improved a lot since the Potato days.” (Of course, the installer for the FreeRunner is mostly a dumb script that can not be compared to the great official debian-installer that you can use on a PC.)


Would be cool if d-i supported touchscreen-only devices.
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