Server updated to Lenny

Just updated my server from etch to lenny. It was a mostly painless procedure, only nagios needed some manual interaction, as it was upgraded from nagios2 to nagios3.

My only bigger problem was an old web application (running my highschool’s grad class’ and my old counter-strike clan’s websites) written in mod_perl, which is not easily upgradeable, plus I did not want to use mod_perl again – I’ve had too much trouble with it eating up my memory or taking down the webserver.

So I bit the bullet and replaced all mod_perl-related code with CGI-stuff.  It actually went quite well, at least when accepting some hacks. Speed does not matter here, as the sites are there mostly for nostalgic reasons anyways.

The other small thing that’s lost with apache1 is the demonstration page for the Cross-Site-Authentication attack. Also not a great loss, and it can easily be re-implemented using a few lines of python and inetd.

I wonder what to do with all the memory that was freed by not having apache1 (with mod_perl) and apache2 running at the same time :-)


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