Points of View

Thanks Behdad for pointing out this interesting advertisement campaign by HSBC. I’m very surprised how a word, printed on top of an image, can completely reverse the impression that the image makes on you.


Update: The links seem to be dead by now.


For whatever reason, I disagree completely. The word doesn't change the image at all for me, but the word 'romance' on top of the creepy wolf-moon is slightly disturbing.
#1 Waywocket am 2009-06-03T01:24:11+00:00
So how about the other ads on their website? I don’t find all of them great :-)
#2 Joachim Breitner (Homepage) am 2009-06-03T08:19:02+00:00
It's an interesting idea but I'm not hugely impressed to be honest. I do think you picked the best one for the post.
#3 Waywocket am 2009-06-06T15:13:36+00:00

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