LinuxTag Part I

Today was my first day of LinuxTag. Mostly filled with Talks (The Wikipedia Keynote, Debian Security by Joey, Debian-Woman by Meike, What's new in sarge by Alexander Schmehl) and one shift of merchandice selling. The rest of the time I spend wandering around, exchanging key fingerprints, talking to the guys from Gnome, Dante, fsf, OpenWRT and others.

In the evening, I attended the KaLUG Party at the AKK. It was a nice get-together, decend food, and it was good meeting some of the guys I know from Oslo, like Enrico, Mako, Weasel, Rene as well as some new faces like Meike, HE and so on.

I also took some pictures of the LinuxTag

On a side note, the guys whose project I turned down, because it would be non-free, gave in, and if I accept, I can put the software under the GPL.


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