Darcs Hacking Sprint: Mission Complete

The darcs hacking sprint is slowly nearing its end. As planned, I have worked on integrating DarcsWatch and bugs.darcs.net, and I am satisfied so far. From now on, if someone submits a Darcs patch to patches@darcs.net, the patch will also be tracked by DarcsWatch. DarcsWatch will display a link to the entry on bugs.darcs.net, and also add a comment to the bugtracker with a link to the patch on DarcsWatch. And eventually, if the patch is included in the darcs.net repository, DarcsWatch will change the state of the ticket to accepted, removing one step of work for the Darcs maintainers. Currently, it checks the state of the repository three times per hour, so expect a delay after you applied the patch to the repository before the state is updated.


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