arbtt now in Debian

The Automatic Rule Based Time Tracker that I have created some weeks ago is now available in Debian unstable, so if if you were reluctant to use it because you did not want to figure out how to compile the Haskell code, you can just do apt-get install arbtt.

Although it’s such a young project, it already has a fork: Andreas Klöckner was very impatient with a feature request (sensible merging of logs from different hosts), so we went ahead and re-implemented arbtt in python, named whatup. Although I prefer contributions to arbtt, it shows that the principle of arbtt is useful. And I won’t be shy to copy nice ideas from him, as well :-)


Future versions of Zeitgeist (https://launchpad.net/zeitgeist) will be able to track focus changes and know for every change from which document and application to which document and application you switched (this will include not only window changes but for applications with custom data providers also tab changes).

Maybe you could use this in some way, or, the other way around, give us tips on how to do it. If you want to chat you can find us in #zeitgeist on Freenode or #gnome-zeitgeist on GIMPnet.
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