Packaged unicode-screensaver properly

Three years ago, while I was in Ghana, I wrote a small screensaver that displays a randomly picked unicode character full-screen. I like it because there is a huge bunch of very weird characters and signs in the unicode standard. It also prints the unicode codepoint and character name.

Now I finally got around to properly package it: Created a small homepage, a source tarball with (hopefully) proper autotool files, all managed in a git repository (also on gitorious), complete with manpage, README and other additional files. I’m also going to upload the package to Debian, so you can just do apt-get install unicode-screensaver as soon as it gets accepted.

It can probably not enter the official xscreensaver distribution as it adds dependencies on the fontconfig and freetype libraries.


Haha, can you make it also show the unicode version in which the character appeared? Maybe also with a blinking *NEW IN UNICODE 5.2* text? ;-)
#1 Anonymous am 2009-12-10T09:13:22+00:00
Hehe, nice idea :-) (Although probably not that interesting in the long run to be actually implemented.)
#2 Joachim Breitner (Homepage) am 2009-12-10T10:35:11+00:00

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