LinuxTag Part III

Last day of LinuxTag, for me less stressful. Heard an interesting talk about kernel power management and X.Org (the organisation) in the morning, met some friends and showed them around, and attended the Debian Track, with Jörg's real quick talk (if we can release as fast as he can hold his talk...), followed by Mako's talk on "Ubuntu vs. Debian", as it was put in the programme. The way Mako described it, Ubuntu's way of forking, eh, deriving does sound like a sound idea, and something I can support. But then, I heard from other maintainers, that reality differs. We'll see where this leads to.

Unfortunately, I could not attend the keysigning party, because I didn't know I would still be at LinuxTag at 2pm at the time that you would have to sign up for it.

Again, I have Pictures


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