Haskell Hackathon in Gent

The BelHac in Gent, Belgium, is about to end. A friend of mine and me arrived on Friday, when the event started with interesting talks about Haskell in Industry and a reception. My hacking was less productive than I wished. It might have been since I did not have a project of my own (as I had at the Hackathon in Zürich). After revising the Debian Haskell Policy, I worked a bit on the integration of distribution data on Hackage2, the next generation Haskell code repository, and submitted a patch to cabal-install to have a cabal checkout command which checks out a project’s code from the version control repository mentioned in the package description – much like debcheckout does for Debian package. At the lightning talks I advertised that in a real lightning talk – I’ll give exact timing information once the video is uploaded, but it might have been well under 3 minutes.


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