Haskell Demonstration at IIT Bombay

Yesterday, I held a small Haskell demonstration talk at the FOSSEE group, an advocacy group for Free Software in engineering education located at the IIT Bombay in Mumbai, India, where am I currently staying as a visiting student. We had to move out of the proper lecture hall into a small room with no projector, due to an exam taken in the other room, but as the audience was small enough (seven people), using an LCD monitor was sufficient.

My talk explained some the features of Haskell, namely functional, pure, lazy, strictly typed, interpreted or compiled and its library ecosystem (often forgotten in academical treatments of Haskell), and then demonstrated these features by some live coding action where I used the nice gloss vector library to render drawing commands given in a comma-separated value files, which is also parsed by a library from hackage. I have put the slides, the example csv file and the code online.


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