Announcing the Debian Developer Board Game

With the help of Erik Johannson, and suggestions from Ema, Yann and others, I started to create a Debian Developer Board game during the last few days. I have created a ugly looking board and a few cards, enough for 4-6 people, I guess. Disclamer: I had no chance yet to try out the game, it is not finished and it still needs balancing. I am looking for people that want to play it here at DebConf, and I am also looking for a printer at DebConf, to print out the board and cards. I am also looking for some one more skilled than me to design a good looking board and cards. I can give you the OO.org Draw file, if it helps.

The game itself is similar to Monopoly. Here are the basic rules

  • It is all about populartiy. You get popularity points for various things, and the aim of the gaim is to have the most popularity points.
  • You have a certain amount of time per round (going once around the board). At the end of the round, you need to have enough time left to maintian your package, or you will loose populartiy, instead of gaining. If you can't take care of your package twice in a row, you have to orphan it. Same thing applies for tasks. Tasks and packages have a priority (0x00 to 0xFF), that says in what order you spend your time on them
  • There are mailinglists that behave similar to streets in Monopoly. First one on them can invest time to buy them, all other will have to give him time, if they hit it.
  • There are flamewars on certain conditions. Everybody secretly bets an amount of time that he invests in the war, and some win, some loose popularity.
  • You start as a NM, you can become a DD and even a Cabal member!
  • There are event cards, and they bring the fun into the game. Check them out!

That's about it, the rest is detail. Anyone interested please just talk to me, or mail me, or comment here. Suggestions are very appreciated!


Ok... I can print a nice couple of pages and have them laminated... Maybe we can replace devotee for a quick game session and choose the DPL that way next year!
#1 Gunnar Wolf (Homepage) am 2005-07-10T12:18:18+00:00
Well, after this game, nobody wants to be DPL :-)

The .pdf's seem to be a bit bad. If you want to see the game, just come to Sökki, we printed out a bord and the cards.
#2 nomeata (Homepage) am 2005-07-10T16:26:17+00:00

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