Debian Bug Subscription Feature

Something that I have been missing for along time is the posibility to subscribe to single bugs in our bugtracking system. Two years ago, at Oslo, I created a patch to debbugs that would add that feature, but due to slow communication with the debbugs team and probably not enough persistence on my side, this never made in into the debbugs package.

Today, I started this again, this time as an independant service, thus enabling easier development and no risk for the crucial debbugs infrastructure. It is currenlty in "first usable state with minimum features". To use it, send a mail to nomeata-subscribe@gluck.debian.org with the bugnumer (and only the bug number, nothing else, not even a #) in the Subject. From then on, you should get any mail on debian-bugs-dist@l.d.o that concerns that bug.

There is currently no way to unsubscribe. Not too bad, since bugs tend to be fixed someday, but certainly a TODO. Also, there is no confirmation question, nothing to prevent you from recieving the same mail twice. There is a Anti-Mailloop-Feature, I hope it works. Debian Developers can have a look at the code on gluck.debian.org:~nomeata/debsub/, comments and patches welcome.


<strong>Trackback:</strong> <a href="http://devmike.com/blog/archives/2005-07-11T20_04_09.html">Following Debian bug mailing lists mail for one bu</a><br />Joachim Breitner has made it possible to follow Debian bugs list traffic for one specific bug. Very helpful, since the bugs lists tend to be high volume. From Debian Bug Subscription Feature:
Something that I have been missing for along time is the ...
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