Bug Subscription Feature. Again.

You might have read about the Bug Subscription Feature I implemented yesterday afternoon. Those 48 lines of procmail and perl worked, but had some severe drawbacks, so just 30min later, pasc (a list manager) came to me to complain, and to offer to work on this together. So yesterday evening, we started to implement this from scratch (again), by taking the list manager software "enemies of carlotta" and patch it so that it automatically creates new mailinglists when needed, so that we have a real, proper mailing list per (used) bug. This was done in a few lines of code and not too much time. Convincing debbugs to actually send mails of the type 123123-subscribe@bugs.debian.org to murphy, where the list software runs, took don, who is into debbugs hacking currently, pasc and me (well, me standing around most of the time) till dawn. Which is around 3am here, but still too late for my taste.

But after all, it is working, currently on donbugs.donarmstrong.com, but hopefully on bugs.debian.org soon. There are minor issues to be resolved, for example have debbugs send closing messages to the list, too, and I want to implement a pseudo-header to subscribe by submitting/posting, but the important steps are taken.

And what do I learn? If the itch you need to scrach is out of creach, create a itch to someone else, and he will help you scratch. Or something like that.


So what you're saying is that itches are contageous?

#1 Steve Kemp (Homepage) am 2005-07-12T11:13:14+00:00
Well, yeah. What else is Debian than a collective itch scratching :-)
#2 nomeata (Homepage) am 2005-07-12T11:20:42+00:00

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