Sausages in the Sauna

Today was the Vaasa day. We went around in town, checked my options for further travel and bought stuff for the evening thing. After visiting a fishermen's museum with three original old boats, we (which included two friends) went to Johnny's summer house

Nicely suited directly at the sea, a typical red wood house; electricity, but no running water, and of course a sauna. That we fired up with wood, and when the room was hot enough, put sausages prepared in a special way on it. It takes them about 90 minutes to be ready, so I used the time to play a game of Mao (which I learned 2 evenings earlier at DebConf) with them; it took a while, but in the end, they got the hang of it. After eating the sausages and driving in Johnny's Saab to the gate, to let his friends out, I ended the day with three turns of hot sauna and not-really-that-cold sea, after midnight, in a light as bright as day (assuming a thunderstorm is darkening the day).

Johnny provided me the recipy for the sauna sausages:

Sauna Sausages

What you need:

  • Sausages of any kind, but we used Kabanossi
  • Onions, enough to cover all the sausages
  • Garlic, as much or litte as you want
  • Chili, we used oriental chili, enough to cover the sausages
  • White wine
  • Alumnium foil, quite a lot

Hot to prepare it:

  1. Arrange the sausages on the alu foil
  2. Put onions all over the sausages
  3. Add garlic
  4. Put the chili all over the sausages with the onions and the garlic
  5. Pour a bit of the wine over it
  6. Wrap it real well, so it can't leak. We used 7 meters of foil...
  7. Put it on the sauna stove, which should be quite hot (>80°C)
  8. Turn it about 10 times (not at once, duh!) and check that the fire keeps burning
  9. Leave it there for 90 to 120 minutes
  10. Take it off, cut it open and enjoy! (Best with bread and potatoe salad or whatever you like)

BTW, I uploaded my DebConf pictures to the official gallery, now you can see them in three different spots.


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