Breaking News: Debian TC leaked decision on init system

According to the German news page “heisse news”, the Debian Technical Committee has made a decision on the question about the default init system in Debian: There will be none!

Instead, according to Ian “Vorlon” Bart, Debian will start to distribute a suspend-to-disk image to their users, with all daemons already started, completely eradicating the need for an init system. If you are able to read German, read all about it at Debian Technical Committee entscheidet sich gegen ein Init-System


I'd also propose init=/bin/sh to the tech-ctte, giving Debian user the ability to choose which services are started at each boot. And it would also give fuel to more flamewars when choosing the default shell, giving linux users the choices they badly need.
#1 Emanuele Aina (Homepage) am 2013-11-17T10:49:23+00:00
Where exactly is this info posted?

I couldn't find anywhere.
#2 hadrons123 am 2013-11-17T13:32:14+00:00
It was leaked to heisse news by TC member Ian “Vorlon” Bart.
#3 Joachim Breitner (Homepage) am 2013-11-17T14:04:52+00:00
I know Ian Jackson but who is Ian “Vorlon” Bart?
#4 hadrons123 am 2013-11-17T14:20:59+00:00
The TC committee member leaking the information to heisse news.
#5 Joachim Breitner (Homepage) am 2013-11-17T14:52:42+00:00
The date looks kind of weird, doesn't it?
#6 Sjukfan am 2013-11-17T18:09:25+00:00
Not on heisse-news; that site is open all year.
#7 Joachim Breitner (Homepage) am 2013-11-17T18:23:44+00:00
:-) hab mich schon wieder schlappgelacht - wobei die weißen Papiere mein absoluter Favorit sind. Danke!
#8 tb am 2013-11-17T23:15:32+00:00
I'm not amused. :/
This joke is a bit too difficult to reveal.
#9 Red am 2013-11-18T07:44:38+00:00
May I borrow your time travel device since the article is dated:
14.1.2012 16:30
I also wonder why AddBlockPlus does not work on this page ...
#10 Andreas Tille am 2013-11-18T12:16:01+00:00
That's what I get for copy'n'pasting the last entry; thanks for spotting!
#11 Joachim Breitner (Homepage) am 2013-11-18T13:49:16+00:00
i really dont think those "news" should be ditributed via planet.debian.org, can you please stop this?!
#12 Anonymous am 2013-11-18T13:27:04+00:00

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