Last hour in Scandinaiva(?)

If everything goes all right, this is my last hour in Scandiavia. Spent at the Internet Café at Malmö Central. If everything goes right. It probably won't: There is a remark next to my Night Train to Berlin that says "Replaced by Bus". And nothing else. The information desk is closed already...

A slightly helpless woman from SJ (Swedish' Railroad company) told me where I can (well, let's say, might) find the bus, but could not tell me why the train is not going, whether the bus will go to the train somewhere behind some possible track work or whether it might go all the way to Berlin. And I payed for a couchette in the train!

Aussuming I make it to Berlin, I don't know what then. As I can't travel for free on the trains any more, I'm trying to go to Karlsruhe by "mitfahrgelegenheiten.de" (where you can look for private cars going where you want and join them, for a usually cheaper price than the train), but of the two offers one is already full and the other did not reply to my mail.

Off to the bus. This adventure is not over yet...

Update: Right as I was posting the entry, a announcement via the loudspaker was made: Train goes as usual, leaving from track 2. No busses what so ever. So this actually is my last hour in Scandinavia, more or less.


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