My Code in Pakistan

Free Software ist just great: I got an e-mail from a fellow in Pakistan, just thanking me for udp-broadcast-relay, a very small tool that lets UDP broadcast cross IP subnet boundaries. He writes that, after dividing his net, he needed that tool to keep vyqchat working. He also replied when I asked him to tell me a bit more about his setting, telling me that he uses Mandrake and Fedora Core and some personal details.

While this was not the first time something like this happened - someone from Norway once called me one Sunday morning, and I got mails from the US - but Pakistan is really a surpise to me. Also considering that I just released two versions two years ago and didn't do anything since...


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It is always nice to get feedback from people using your work. It happens that a long time ago (February 2002) I wrote a tiny little program called &quot;udp-broadcast-relay&quot; that does nothing but hauling udp broadcast packages from one local netwo
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