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What I like about planet.debian.org is not only to hear what other Developers to on Debian, but also their opinion on anything else, incuding favourite cat species and politics. But since planet.debian.org is meant english-only, and most non-english speaks will want to blog their non-tech stuff in their native langues, I'm missing out on a few interesting blog entries.

The best solution, I guess, would be a planet where you can filter the langues you want to read (e.g. http://planet.debian.org/de+en), but until that is possible, it might be an interesting experiment to just put any languge on the planet. To see how that would work I put a international planet on gluck, where planet.d.o is hosted, too, using the same software and config. Where I could easily, I changed the feed to include all the blog (any language, any category). It is updated every two hours - we will see how that will work out. There seem to be some encoding problems. As always, suggestions and comments of all kind welcome.


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Nun jeder hat eins. Natürlich möchte ich bestimmten Autoren eine Gelegenheit geben Ihre Mails oder andere tolle Gedanken, die so von Mai bis August ein beachtliches Ausmaß annahmen, anderen Lesern zur Verfügung zu stellen.

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